Friday, April 19, 2013

last days london

can not can no can not believe today is the last of my semester in london! though I'll be back in a week to catch my flight back across the pond, it feels like end of something fantastic... these past few months have been beyond amazing as I feel so worldly & as though I have a better hold on how to live a life of adventure, embracing y.o.l.o (you only london once) as much as possible. the people I've meet & experiences I've had are leaving these last moments so bitter sweet and boy have they tasted fantastic...

try studying for finals when it looks like this outside. just try. 
study break at liberty london!

sunsets from the top of nido... 
people enjoying soho square
love & miss : nanny & papa
last day of junior year at IES! 
celebrating our last day of school with some last minute tourism

 me, caroline, natalie & caryn
they're overalls actually, not a denim dress

naturally our abbey road trip was followed with pitchers at an irish pub 
m&m store!

happy hour at las iguanas! 
fish tacos! 
yesterday while we waited for the rain to pass we stopped in the natural history museum 
hyde park! 

best day ever! 

finally gave in & took the classic shot 
farewell high tea at the waldorf 

london ladies 
front row on the double decker! 

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