Thursday, April 11, 2013

lately in london

with all my weekend adventures to dreamy destinations I realized I haven't shared much about my days in london lately. It has been beyond busy as we gear up (or shift down?) for finals & try to fill the fleeting weekdays with our favourite haunts : including another lunch at hummus bros (a delicious bowl of hummus & toppings with a warm pita) , a trip to the ten bells pub (where jack the ripper picked up a couple of his infamous ladies of the night) and plans to stop back by brick lane tomorrow night... this week was my last at class & also at my internship at snap fashion where I was beyond sad to say 'bye' to the team I had spent all my mondays & wednesdays beside. I got them each an animal stamp that reminded me of them & they completely trumped my end.of.term gifts with a homemade chocolate cake & a beautiful lavender satchel with a personalized 'S' on it! as far as endings go, it was one of the sweetest... 

in case you don't follow, here's a few insta-updates from this week : 

 my insanely awesome, personalized chocolate cake for my last day at snap : chocolate & orange marble cake with chocolate icing & cadbury chocolate fingers surrounding the edges... wishing jenny could bake for me every day!
the awesome doorway I came across in notting hill this afternoon on our field trip : note how whoever lives here goes by 'bank robber'  
 the beautiful bloom I found in the most secret of church gardens early into my jog today
rather than worrying about where to turn around, I just continued down the thames until the sun threatened to set behind the buildings : I love how you come across the most amazing monuments so casually here!

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