Friday, January 25, 2013

foodie fridays

today can be described in a simple, single word: tasty.

caryn and I took our day off to explore the borough market we had heard such great things about. after deciding to walk our way down to the south bank, we became casually confused and walked over the tower bridge rather than the london bridge but ended up enjoying every minute of the wind-swept stone arches and blue steel details!

after arriving at the market, we officially declared we were never leaving. rows of food stalls lined the area of every imaginable flavor you wouldn't even think to dream about. we opted out of buying much after filling ourselves on samples of the finest cheeses and chocolates around while chatting with local vendors about whether our american accents were more california (me) or new york (caryn). we bought mulled cider to warm our hands, scored a deal on some strawberries and fell in love with the cute english guy selling dark chocolate covered honeycombs...

and in case you were wondering, chocolate wine (yes : chocolate wine) is not as good as it doesn't sound. some samples are just simply worth passing up...

starting our trek across the tower bridge 
the bridge from the tourist hot spot : the tower of london
the entrance to borough market
one of the pork shops on the side
just outside the market, seems like my kind of place!
you know your fish is fresh when it still has eyes
mountain of meringues at the stand with the best homemade brownies 
 a pop of color
outside the market : the happiest street I think I've ever seen 

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