Sunday, January 20, 2013

taking the thames to greenwich

on saturday, our school organized a boat trip down the thames to greenwich. though not quite sure what I would find there, I bundled up against the snow and headed to the official site of the naval college, the prime meridian and the queen's house. we stopped in the greenwich market to grab lunch and I came out with a spinach & mushroom crepe along with an assortment of fudge from the local mr. humbug candy shop... (I cannot be helped when it comes to chocolate and vintage candy stores!)

we hiked up to the royal observatory, the official meeting spot for the eastern & western hemispheres but passed up the cliche photo-op of one foot on each side to watch the local kids sled down the slippery slope. my favorite spot was the queen's house built in the 1600's to house Queen Anne of Denmark and Henrietta Maria. though my history is a little rusty the grand black & white tiled floors, painted bedroom ceiling and the tulip stairwell were well worth a daydream! I've already planned to host a ball when I move in... 

on top of the tour boat
the group grabbing an assortment of grub
nautical gates to the national maritime museum
attempting a giant anchor/delta gamma pose

 the royal observatory and the sledding hill
top of the hill and the back of the queen's house
my favorite part : the tulip stairwell 

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