Sunday, January 20, 2013

winter weekends

some days your plans just don't play out... friday morning caryn & I woke up early to catch the changing of the guards ceremony at buckingham palace - made it there with time to spare, caught a central spot overlooking the whole ordeal, wrapped our scarves a little tighter against the snow and waited. and waited. and waited. eventually we saw the two regiments march/horse-ride past but were completely underwhelmed. we decided our toes couldn't take it anymore and started back towards the tube when we saw the smallest sign behind the gates: "no changing of the guards ceremony today." london really does shut down in this weather.

friday night we made our way to the national gallery since it's open late though I have to admit I spent more time looking at the building than the renaissance art. once I found the impressionists I didn't want to leave : monet and van gogh could have kept me occupied for hours. my favorite find was definitely seeing van gogh's cheery sunflowers in person! 

today (sunday) was blizzarding as bad as ever so we opted out of our market-strolling plans and made our way over to harrods! impossible to give everything its proper attention in one go, I walked through the chocolate room then spent the rest of the time picking out my dream wardrobe of oscar de la renta, tibi and chanel...

 guards leaving
 guards arriving
the national gallery after dark

 looking up in the entrance to the national gallery

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