Friday, February 1, 2013

february first

monday: intern. tuesday: class. wednesday: intern. thursday: class. friday: sleep.

officially my new schedule for the semester and definitely a busy one! luckily just living in london has proven to offer inspiration at the corner of every street. for class on wednesday we visited the british library's collection of original manuscripts, magna cartas and maps that were honestly incredible! I probably drooled on michelangelo's sketchbook from the 1500's, gaped at the gutenberg bible (the first one ever printed) and marveled over john lennon's original beatles lyrics scribbled on everything from old envelopes to the back of birthday cards - awesome!

today, I took my first jog through london-town as I made my way over tower bridge, down the southbank, past shakespear's globe, back over the millenium bridge, past st. pauls and back to nido at an embarrassingly slow speed so I could take pictures as I paced myself. there's something about running around an area that really makes me feel connected to the city (I had the same experience in new york). as I skipped over curbsides, dodged double deckers and looped around locals, I never stopped being amazed by the almost ancient architecture and modern monuments that surround you. 

tomorrow morning we're off on a trip to bath & stonehenge, so you'll surely hear more from me soon! 

my instagram caption was "blue skies in london today!" it started raining three minutes later...
ghandi in one of london's peace parks
this store seriously only sells rubber stamps. not leaving london without a few!
a little delta gamma pride as I jogged along the southbank of the thames
caryn & I have decided it's our DG duty to head to this pub asap!
this wall was all too causally still sitting in an alley by the tate modern. how long has it been standing there? 
gold gates in london are as common taxi cabs though far more inspiring
the british stock exchange : compete with stone carvings and columns

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