Sunday, February 17, 2013

valentino, london eye & portobello road

another lovely week in london has flown by at a remarkable speed! I keep saying it, but I've never felt so strongly about the cliche, "there aren't enough hours in the day," as I have this semester. after a busy week of school & interning, I was incredibly excited for my weekend plans! on friday, my friend clara & I went to the valentino : master of couture exhibit at somerset house and obsessed over all the couture gowns and ensembles from the mod sixties to slightly tacky 2000's. we both agreed we would wear anything given to us from the show... after that I walked across the thames & met a group at the london eye just in time for sunset (can you say perfect timing?). 

on saturday we were in no rush to do anything but with the sun actually shining and temperatures around 50, a slow stroll through hyde park seemed like the perfect activity! I was busy naming all the swans as we aimlessly strolled by all the ponds and fountains. eventually we found ourselves by portobello road market where an incredible assortment of antiques, cute clothes and seriously tempting jewelry made actually picking what to buy a little too difficult. I'll have to go back soon to find the perfect turquoise ring since I'm a little concerned the vintage typewriter won't fit in my suitcase... 

outside somerset house : the red banner is the valentino entrance
our guide to valentino's couture catwalk
before heading up the london eye
 view of the sunset over london
each pod actually held quite a few people : it's slightly more huge than you'd think
 checking things out on the way down
the crew feeling extra touristy
 one of my favorite london pictures so far : sunset over big ben
fountain near the entrance to hyde park
I'm pretty sure this is called the italian gardens : either way it was gorgeous!
very casually strolling
 I named this swan emma

the iconic london market
the pastel houses were so cool! I think it would feel like living in an easter basket
 though I adore pink, I chose this plum house as my future address
 you know life is fantastic when you can get gelatto in february
just a little color inspiration from a very happy bike

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