Wednesday, February 13, 2013

silly at the sights

though I've described our museum musings and crepe cravings at length, to get the full feel for how much we've been enjoying our trips : you'll need to scroll through the silly side of our camera rolls! 

we were VERY excited to have just arrived in paris!
we always travel with our hoosier pride
this guy was very determined to take a picture with us, so we followed his lead with the peace sign pose 
a couple of our hosts for the weekend (their names are a little too french to really remember, though)
they not only made us dinner the first night, but started a major guitar hero jam session : we rocked!
making the most of the train ride back from versailles
we're practically the european version of panhel
 shout out to my dg's! miss you all! 
 in the breezy gardens at versailles : fishy faces were absolutely necessary... I blame lack of sleep for this one
throw back to our stonehenge & bath trip : this was our human stonehenge, success!

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  1. ahh, love the panhel pictures! iu greek life needs to get a hold of those! and i remember the [creepy] vendors ... i do regret not getting a little eiffel tower to put on my desk though (i blame the wine for clouding my judgement)